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    Defending Homeowners and Property Owners, with underpaid or denied insurance claims. Florida Property Damage Attorneys McDonald & Barnhill are able to assist all their clients at any stage of the claim process. Get To Know Andrew & David Andrew P. … Read more

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    You’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing your career and your firm, and you understand the importance of strong, well-designed law firm sites. A good website includes a number of components. Including fast loading pages, attractive graphics … Read more

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    In days gone by, if you wanted to attract clients to your firm, there were several effective methods. Premier listings in the Yellow Pages, local television ads and city billboards were all effective means of selling your name to the … Read more

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    If you’re building a law firm website, there are a few things you should know about attracting and retaining visitors. Here are just seven tips for turning clicks into clients. 1. Know Your Demographic Who are you hoping to reach … Read more

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    Lately, we have been discussing the importance of personalizing a legal website to enhance a great custom law firm website design. In our last blog post we discussed significance of using photos of the firm’s attorneys and office compared to stock … Read more

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    Personalizing your law firm website will help take your custom website design to the next level. This is done through different means such as content, client stories, and attention to detail, to name a few. We will focus on those … Read more

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    We have all done it. While walking around a mall or restaurant, we have seen a person wearing older style clothing and said something to the effect of, “Wow, someone is stuck in the 1980s,” or whatever decade it happens to … Read more

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    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Clients may not understand the type of law you specialize in. Law websites often use jargon that the public does not always understand. Domestic law, for example, may sound complicated or confusing. However, … Read more

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    Most people would say that the main purpose of business blogging is to get new customers. However, while it is true that the reason for a business is to gain more of the market share, the goal of a blog … Read more

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    Contrary to what some may believe, investing large sums of money into advertising campaigns is usually far less effective than using social and media sites to establish a brand. Any company that plans on making it these days must put … Read more

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    Any time you are planning on launching a website, choosing the right domain name is crucial. The domain can mean the difference between attracting visitors and experience success and missing out on potential traffic. Whether you are interested in attorney … Read more

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    The legal profession is driven by credibility. As potential clients look for your firm’s website online, they are looking for certain visual cues that tip your firm’s credibility. Quality law firm website design is an essential component of your marketing … Read more

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    SEO is the driving force behind a successful marketing campaign. In other words, SEO (known as search engine optimization) enables a lawyer website to promote their legal services. Making the most optimum revisions are essential to creating online business growth. … Read more

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    If you’re ready to build a website for your law firm, there are certain elements to consider to make it one that will draw clients in and keep them there. We can make your site look professional and inviting with … Read more

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    Consider the Pros and Cons When a law firm is considering creating a website for their services, there are many aesthetic traits to consider. Simple web page designs may have their advantages, but a law firm website with a more … Read more

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    Web designers are creative people. They love to work on an original idea, develop it to its full potential, and produce the finish product for all to see. What they don’t think about sometimes are the legalities. Copyright Law, media … Read more

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    Proper keyword research allows your site to be found by millions of people each day. It also allows you to pick keywords that will allow relevant traffic to be directed to your site. This will allow you to pick up … Read more

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    There is no doubt that law firm web design is a complex process. With the advent of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the days of the wild wild west SEO have long since been over. Those who thought they could … Read more

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    Duplicate content is usually depicted as a blemish on the face of writing. Its nasty reputation is often well-deserved. People who cannot create fresh content themselves, instead depending upon the talent of others, should not be trying to make money … Read more

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    As social media continues to grow, there have been many developments in terms. Such as, leveraging advertising opportunities for businesses in the past year or so. For example, Twitter is opening up its system to allow advertisers to manage Promoted … Read more

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    It is estimated that the number one search result for a given keyword can bring in three times as much traffic as the number two search result. For a keyword that gets a lot of traffic, this means thousands or millions … Read more

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    Business use of social media is expanding. Recently, the Content Marketing Institute reported that 78 percent of B2B firms are using social media. Further, another 19 percent plan to get involved within 12 months. The truth is that social media … Read more

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    Consumers are more likely to look for a service or product online using an Internet search. This means that the typical business must consider integrating an online marketing strategy into any marketing campaign. Attorney websites are a critical component of … Read more

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    In these day and age, you need to have a new business website if you are starting up a new business. It doesn’t matter if it is a grocery store, jewelry shop, or law firm. You will need a website … Read more

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    Having a professional law firm web design can bring in more clients, improve business, and make things easier on you. However, a bad web design can do a lot of harm. At our law firm web design firm, we have … Read more

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    The best reason to redesign your website is to create a more user-friendly experience for your customers.  Your law firm website design should have features which are easy to use and understand for those with a basic understanding of the … Read more

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    When it comes to developing an online presence for your law firm – design makes all the difference. The Internet has made first impressions even more important than ever before. Consumer studies show that most Internet users develop an instant … Read more

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    According to the American Bar Foundation there were over 47,000 law firms in the United States in the year 2000. That number likely expanded and subsequently contracted after the economic downturn. It’s safe to say that there are more than 50,000 … Read more

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    Over the past year and a half, Google has integrated two major algorithmic changes that have affected the rankings of numerous websites. In February of 2011, it was the Panda Update. This was designed to penalize websites with low quality or … Read more

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    Most people have already accepted the Internet as an integrated part of their lives. However, there are still some lawyers who do not have business websites for themselves. A lawyer website is one of the primary ways that lawyers attract … Read more